About Us


From sick leave to medical expenses, the health of your workforce directly affects the health of your organization

Every day, insurance rates are climbing, resources are shrinking, and many employees are not taking the proper steps to protect their health

It’s time to take action. Corporations across the nation are choosing to protect their bottom line. By investing in the health and welfare of your employees, you are investing in your company’s future.

Through a partnership with Synergy Wellness, your organization can join the thousands of other businesses who offer on-site health and wellness screening programs to their employees.

Corporate health and wellness programs are not just about exercise, they are a comprehensive look at an organization’s overall health and performance. Programs will vary from company to company depending on size, budget, and overall goals. No matter what your final objectives may be, Synergy’s wellness programs will improve overall employee performance and satisfaction, while providing long term savings for your company. We strive to provide innovative solutions and total customization to each of our clients. If you need something, simply ask and we’ll provide it.

Our clients represent a diverse blend of industries, including school districts, technology companies, retail chains, manufacturing companies and insurance brokers. No matter the industry, we are committed to developing healthy, high performance teams.

Your employees have questions about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Offering health seminars at your workplace will give your employees the tools they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal at SW is early risk detection and intervention. Synergy Wellness employee health screenings help evaluate employee health and are geared toward encouraging healthy lifestyles.